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web design & management

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A website is an expression of you or your company, so we collaborate with you to establish an aesthetically pleasing, fully functional, professional site that helps you stand out from the others.


Personal Website: According to the media outlets,  employers have demonstrated an increased reliance on a person's online presence to consider potential employees and have a higher interest in those with individual websites that streamline the resume process. Siltran can help you gain an edge over the competition by designing a highly professional site for you.

​Business Website: The easy to navigate site encourages return visits and can prompt visitors to tell others about your site;  thus increasing the number of people that patronize your business.


As the design process is ongoing to ensure an up-to-date site, Siltran accepts the responsibility to periodically review sites to ensure they remain current and relevant.  Maintain an edge and allow us to create your first (or replacement) website!


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Siltran custom-designs all websites outlined on the Packages page utilizing the Wix platform. With Wix as the reliable host, Siltran works to ensure all hosting concerns are promptly addressed with a dedicated Wix Agent.


Hosting through this platform, Siltran can provide the following:

  • Bandwidth Monitoring

  • Website Statistics

  • Online Shopping Back-end services

  • Automated services for form submissions and promotions

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social media management

We at Siltran like to use the analogy that, "Websites are your "Home Office" and and Social Media platforms are your Pop-Up Shops".  Meaning, a website is the foundation and should be the first step in creating a credible online presence. Social Media should be used to remain connected and engaged with the public on a daily/weekly basis; leading them back to your "home office' to learn more.


Social media platforms benefit organizations and individuals by providing an additional channel for customer support, a means to gain customer and competitive insight, recruitment and retention of new customers/business partners, and a method of managing online reputation and presence. It also allows you to build large lists of contacts and supporters that can help spread the word about your business and website.


are the Home Office

social media


are the

Pop-Up Shops

With this idea in mind, we will help you get and stay connected with customers and individuals by creating or expanding your brand to ensure a seamless appearance across all platforms. In addition to branding, we assist with growth and promotions on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and others.

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domain name management

Siltran manages dozens of domain names for a wide variety of clients because we strongly believe in and support branding to help maintain individuality. With this core practice, we can help you select, register, and manage your domain name(s).

After the purchase, we will monitor and ensure the name(s) are renewed in a timely manner and are not lost to others. We also manage the Domain Record and can effect any changes needed, and we can establish and create branded email accounts.


In some instances, the desired domain names are not available. We then will establish monitoring to work towards securing the name the moment it becomes available or offer the opportunity to participate in an auction to secure the name.

branded email

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Ever wonder how those large email providers, such as Gmail and Hotmail, stay in business if their accounts are free? It's because many of them sell your email address to their partners which leads to increased spam mail within weeks of opening your account!


Take action, reduce spam messages and increase your professional appearance by allowing us to establish a branded email for you or your business.


Branded emails help improve visitors confidence in you and/or your company's abilities as they are able to contact you or submit information without concern that it will be hacked or filtered as spam/junk email in the mass email company systems.

For a nominal annual fee, your friends or customers can contact you at instead of or


And as you grow and expand, you can direct your customers to contact you at email addresses such as:


We can also assist with integrating your email into your preferred email client or Outlook, and can ensure that you're able to access email through your website if away from devices.

pre-recorded live streams

Not ready for live stream, but you want to stream a fully-produced video across multiple social media platforms. Maybe you want to stream a produced video multiple times over the course of a few weeks.

We're here to help! Provide the video and we will partner with you do the rest.

Need a video created? We can also assist with video production services.

Interested in setting up Live Stream services? Contact us for useful tips and recommendations to get started.

video production

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It can be a grand headache preparing a video for an special event or pre-recorded Live Stream. Siltran can help alleviate the pains by creating the polished video to meet your needs.


We assist with concept, planning, and graphic design to yield a unique product inclusive of motion graphics, animation, overdubbing, voice-overs and final touches for an excellent outcome.


Online shopping has proven to be an indispensable tool; creating unprecedented opportunity for individuals, organizations, and companies of any size. So, why not grab your share of this market with a well-designed online store that can help create a competitive advantage in the marketplace, develop loyal customers, and most importantly increase your bottom line?


Whether you want to accept donations, offer monthly payments or are selling merchandise and services, we can create an online shopping experience for you!  Using secured checkout services, your customers can conveniently purchase merchandise or make donations using all available forms of payment.


Contact Us to discuss details and receive a comprehensive quote.

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